Bags for the generations

We are more than just a bag brand.

Kingsclere is a fashion brand with a story spanning 3 decades of the Kelly family. In the 70s and 80s Oliver and Paddy Kelly lived in the small village of Kingsclere and owned 4 jean shops called Kings Road, after the iconic street in London that was the centre for fashion at the time.
During this time they were part of a growing accessibility to fashion and freedom of expression. The Kelly’s also started a family that became 5 kids.

Now 20 years later the stores have been sold and Damien and Neve Kelly are creating Kingsclere with a bag line. The father and daughter team are looking to create bags that reflect the heritage of the Kingsclere name. Jeans are the workhorses of clothing and a major fashion icon. The backpack is the same. We make fashionable, quality bags that reflect people’s good taste and love of style. Bags that will be loved for generations.