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Kings Road Life

Our Story

In the 70s and 80s, Oliver and Paddy Kelly opened a shop that sold blue jeans, a new fashion trend at the time. They called it Kings Road, after the iconic street in London that was the centre of the city’s fashion scene.

The Kellys were part of a cultural movement that saw high fashion move to the high street. It was a time during which clothing and design became more accessible and freedom of expression was encouraged.

The one store became four. The Kelly family grew from two to seven. Theirs was a house filled with art, music, books, and personal self-expression.

In 1982, Oliver and Paddy sold the stores and moved the family to the west coast of Canada. Now, their son, Damien, and granddaughter Neve are bringing back Kings Road.

The first piece for the brand is the Little Black Bag. Damien and Neve have created a bag that reflects the heritage of the Kings Road name. Blue jeans are both fashion items and wardrobe workhorses, things initially thought to be trendy that have stood the test of time. The LBB is that way, too.

Kings Road Life

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